• Design Dilemmas – Episode 3
    How to Dress a window When it comes to designing a room, what you put on your windows can make or break. There are so many factors that come into play that can affect your choices. Is your room north-facing? Do you have nice views? Are your windows small or big? All of the above…
  • Design Dilemmas – Episode 1
    Introducing colour to grey – On our first week of Design Dilemmas, we discuss colour and how to introduce it into an existing neutral colour scheme. We spoke to Jen Pritchard @mumshealingmentor over on Instragram to give some tips on how to make her house feel more cosy and homely by introducing colour. Grey has been our go to neutral colour for such a long time. This is because due to its versatility, you can create a cosy neutral room with no colour or by understanding what undertones a shade of grey has you can confidently bring some colour into the mix too. Before you decide on any design scheme, you need to understand what your needs are for that room and what your style is.